Hi 5 2018 Tournament Rules

A. Unless otherwise noted, the current AYSO Rules and Regulations, Section 11 and FIFA Laws of the Game will be used for this tournament. The following rules are intended specifically for this tournament ONLY!

B. The Tournament Committee (including but not limited to the Tournament Director, Referee Administrator and other designated staff) will have jurisdiction over all games played. Disputes will be resolved by the end of the soccer day. Referee judgment calls are NOT subject to dispute or protest!

2)  FEES
A. Fee and deposit must be a single check issued from the Region’s account (no personal checks, money orders).

B. Fees are:

10U $675 ($ 400 entry fee plus $275 referee deposit)
12U $700 ($425 entry fee plus $275 referee deposit)
14U  $725 ($450 entry fee plus $275 referee deposit)

A. Apply online HERE  The completed online application which includes an approved roster with guest players if applicable, and referee list must be submitted online.  Applications are accepted through December 18, 2017 or until the division(s) are full.

B. Applications will be accepted on a first-come basis, based on completed application and payment of fees. Teams will be notified by email within 48 hours of the receipt of their completed application and fees.

C. Teams not accepted into the tournament are automatically placed on a waiting list.  If a team chooses not to be on a waiting list, the entry fee will be returned within 48 hours of notification.

D.The primary form of communication between the Tournament and applying teams will be email. Teams must have a team manager who has email and internet access.

A. Teams withdrawing on or before December 20, 2017 will be issued a full refund.

B. Teams withdrawing after December 20, 2017 will only be issued a refund if a replacement team can be found minus a $50 administrative fee.

C. If the tournament is canceled and cannot be rescheduled a full refund will be issued.

D. For teams that are eligible, referee deposit refunds will be mailed no later than 14 days after the end of the tournament to the address provided. Referee deposit refunds will be awarded to teams who complete their assigned matches. No prorated fees. All refunds will be mailed to the prospective Region Treasurer.

E. Each team shall play all scheduled games-failure to do so forfeits any refund-referee and/or team entry fee.

A. Should the tournament be rained out on the original date, it will be rescheduled to the weekend of February 10 and 11, 2018. All teams will be expected to return on that date to resume the tournament. Any team not able to return will only receive a refund if a replacement team can be found, less any fees to register that team.

B. If the tournament is cancelled due to weather after partially completing and it cannot be rescheduled to be completed, refunds will be made to teams on a prorated basis, based on the number of actual games played. Every effort will be made to complete the tournament.

C. If the tournament cannot be held due to weather or other conditions beyond the control of the tournament hosts, then a full refund will be sent to all teams, less the cost of any pre-ordered items (items for sale by the tournament which are not included with the registration fee). Any pre-ordered items will be sent to the team.

A. Players on participating teams must be properly registered to play in AYSO, and have played in the Fall 2017 season in a minimum of one-half of the games for which they were eligible. Players must be registered in AYSO programs as of October 31, 2017. Coaches and/or Regional Commissioner are responsible to ensure that all players meet eligibility requirements.

Ages of Players:

1. 10 U – Players must be born 2008 or 2009.
2. 12 U – Players must be born 2006 or 2007.
3. 14 U – Players must be born 2004 or 2005

B. Failure to prove eligibility or falsifying eligibility of players will result in the team’s expulsion from the entire tournament and forfeit of all games won or tied, and that team shall lose by a score of 0-3 each  yielding the opponent 10 points. The team will forfeit all fees both entry and referee deposit.

C. The team roster must be verified and approved by each teams’ Regional Commissioner. Roster changes may be submitted and approved by the Regional Commissioner; however, these changes must be received by the Tournament Director prior to December 18, 2017.

D. 3 Guest Players (players from a different Region from the applying team’s Region) will be allowed for each team. However, the Guest Player will be required to have the approval of both the Guest Player’s Regional Commissioner and the Host Team Regional Commissioner.  

E. Division  14U  will play 11-v-11 Division  12U  will play 9-v-9 Division  10U  will play 7-v-7

F. All players must play at least half of each game. Violation of these player rules exposes a team and renders them subject to forfeiture of game and possible disqualification at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

G. All players are required to have a laminated photo ID card which shall contain the player’s photo, first name, last name, birth date, AYSO National ID # and RC’s signature

A. Each team is limited to two coaches but should have two – one Head Coach and one Assistant Coach. These coaches must be the ones listed on the team application form.

B. Each Coach must provide their AYSO Identification Number, be a currently registered volunteer, Safe-Haven certified, AYSO trained at the age-appropriate level.

C. Coaches are expected to set the example for their team in exhibiting proper AYSO behavior and Kids Zone behavior. Coaches are expected to remain in the technical area during games and only enter the field of play as requested by the referee.

D. All coaches are required to have a laminated photo ID card which shall contain: coach’s photo, first name, last name, AYSO National ID #, and RC’s signature

A. Each team in the tournament will provide a crew of 3 referees. These referees will be assigned up to 3 games, based on their qualifications by the host Referee Administrator.

B. Referee Information  must be entered and approved by December 18, 2017 or the team will forfeit its referee deposit

C. All referees must be an AYSO registered and trained volunteer and be Safe-Haven Certified.

D. Only the diagonal system of control will be used to referee the games.

E. Youth referees (serving as the referee) must be at least 2 years older than the age group they are refereeing.

F. All referees must be in full uniform as defined by AYSO and USSF, including the Referee Badge. Referees not in uniform will not be permitted to referee games, and their team’s referee deposit may be subject to forfeiture.

G. If all assignments are successfully completed, the Referee Deposit will be refunded. No referee deposit will be refunded if a team does not participate in all matches.

H. Referees are expected to check in at the Referee Station at least 45 minutes prior to their assigned game in full uniform. Failure to appear on time may result in a replacement referee crew being assigned to the field and loss of referee deposit. Once a replacement crew has been assigned, they will have priority and the original crew must report to the Referee station for alternative assignment.

I.  Coaches (not in the same age group/gender) and players in the tournament will not be allowed to referee.

J.  Referees will be expected to uphold the tournament rules, AYSO Rules and Regulations and FIFA laws. Any failure of the referee to uphold these rules may be cause for dismissal from the tournament, and will place a team’s referee deposit refund in jeopardy.

K. Every effort will be made to schedule referees and assistant referees from regions not involved in the game being played.  In some cases this may not be possible

L. Properly completed and verified game cards will be given to the Field Marshal by the Referee at the completion of each game.

M. Referees must file a formal written report for abusive language or violent conduct by coaches, players, or spectators, as well as any other behavior that interfered with the conduct of the game.

A. All fields will be set up and taken down by the tournament staff.

B. Trash cans are at each field. Teams will be expected to clean up all trash in their area before leaving.

C. Please note no dogs are allowed on AYSO fields.

A. This is a pool-play tournament. All teams are guaranteed three games with a possibility of a fourth (championship game and consolation game).

B. Each age group/division will have a maximum 16 teams. Each age group/division will have 4 brackets (A,B,E,F) of four teams each. Each team will play three preliminary games within their respective pools. In some cases, there will be a flight of 6 teams divided into 2 pools of 3 teams each when a flight of 8 teams cannot be achieved.

C. Championship game: If there are 4 teams in a pool (8 in a flight) the highest point total team from brackets A and B will play each other in the championship. The same is true for bracket E and F. Consolation Game: The second highest point total team from brackets A and B will play each other in the consolation game. The same is true for brackets E and F. For flight of 6 teams (3 in a pool) the highest 2 point totals in the flight will play each other for the championship game and the third and fourth highest will play for the consolation.

D. The following are the point deductions from standings for players/coach/spectator offenses:
-1 points deducted for each red card or send-off
-1 point deducted for 3 yellow cards or cautions received in a game, and for each subsequent yellow card received in the same game, 1 point shall be deducted.

If there is a tie in points at the end of pool play, the final pool standings will be decided by using the following tie- breakers in the order in which they are listed below:





E. FIFA approved Kicks from the Penalty Mark will be used.

F. No overtime for pool play. It will be recorded as a tie.

G. Championship Game and Consolation game

If the game is tied at the end of regulation, a winner will be determined by the following:

1. Two five-minute overtime periods. Substitutions may be made at the end of regulation and between overtime periods. There is no sudden death. The winner will be the one scoring the most goals combined in both overtime periods.

2. If still tied following both overtime periods, shots from the penalty mark will commence as described in Section 10-E.

A. Teams need to check in 1 hour prior to their  first game. The coach will need the following at check in: 1)  AYSO registration forms for each player listed on the team roster with original signature (or electronic signature), 2) Properly completed line up cards in ascending order, 3) Properly completed laminated player and coach photo ID cards –No exceptions.

B. Each player and up to two coaches will receive a tournament team package consisting of T-shirts, sports pins, and sponsor give-aways at the initial team check-in.

C. Game cards are the responsibility of the individual team and must include player name and jersey number in ascending order.

D. For all games other than the first game teams must check in 30 minutes prior to each game at the field by the field marshal, and must present ID cards. .

E. If a player checks-in late on Saturday, tournament officials will initial the name of the player on the game card. Late arriving players must be escorted to the check-in station by a team official along with their Player ID cards Form and be cleared by the Tournament Staff before participating in any games.

F. Each coach or team representative must provide AYSO Registration System Player Registration Forms with original ink signatures (or electronic signature) for verification by tournament officials.

G.     Coaches must have the Player Registration Forms/Medical Release Forms with them at all times and ready for presentation to Tournament Officials.

A. There will be a tournament Field Marshal assigned to each field. Field Marshals will check in teams prior to each game (except first game), and present the verified game cards to the match referees.

B. At the conclusion of the game, the match referees must return the completed game cards to the Field Marshall.

C. Field Marshalls will be the first to respond to any incidents or injuries, and will be in contact with the rest of the tournament staff by radio. Tournament participants are encouraged to report any concerns immediately to the Field Marshall, and also to respectfully follow any instructions given by the Field Marshall.

D. The Field Marshal will give the game cards to the Referees prior to the start of the game. Game cards shall include the names of all players in numerical order, present or not, with an explanation why those players are not in attendance.  The Field Marshal will check-in the team. Coaches will maintain possession of their ID cards.

A. Pool play games will be 50 minutes with a three minute half time. There will be a running clock during the match including substitutions. There will be no time added on for injuries or time wasted in qualifying rounds. Games will be expected to end on time, and may be shortened if they started late. Pool play games may end in a tie.

B. The “home” team will be the first team or top team listed on the game schedule and will be responsible for providing the game ball (3 game balls). The home team will be situated on the North or West side of the field, and the visitor will be situated on the South or East side. Spectators must remain on the side of the field designated for their team. The home team will change jerseys or don pinnies in the event of a color conflict with the visitor team. If any questions, the referee will determine whether this is necessary.

C.  The home team will kick-off and the visiting team will choose the goal to defend first.

D. There will be no warming up on the field. Teams must warm up prior to taking the field. As soon as the previous game has ended, teams must clear the field and the teams for the next game must take their places.

E.  The size of the balls shall be as follows. The referee’s acceptance of the game ball is final.

Under 10 – Size 4
Under 12 – Size 4
Under 14 – Size 5

F. All games should be terminated not less than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game regardless of the amount of time played in each half.  The air horn is used only to signal that there are 5 minutes before the start of the next scheduled game. The referee is responsible for terminating the game.

G. FORFEITS: Except for the first game, teams must report to the field marshal 30 minutes prior to the start of the game. There will be a five-minute grace period at the start of the game for a team to take the field before a forfeit is declared. The score for a forfeit match will be 3-0 for the remaining team. For 10U division teams, there is a minimum of 5 players on the field to continue a game. For 12U, the minimum number is 6 players. For 14 U, there must be a minimum of 7 players to continue a game. If a team cannot field the minimum number of players, the game will be abandoned and a forfeit will be declared.

H. SUSPENDED GAMES: The Tournament Committee may determine to end matches early if field schedule is behind due to game delays, interference, or if weather conditions provide unsafe conditions; and may distribute awards according to games played and points. The Tournament Committee will determine the outcome of any single game which is terminated prematurely (due to inclement weather, participant injury, or interference by outside party, etc.).

I. ABANDONED GAMES: if any pool play games cannot be played due to circumstances beyond the control of the tournament, the final standings of the pool will be determined by applying the Winning Percentage formula (Total Points Earned in all Game Played divided by Total Points Possible for the Number of Games Played) to each team in the pool. Note. This does not apply to games which were shortened due to a late start. Only the Tournament Director or designee can declare a game to be abandoned or not played.

A. Substitutions shall be allowed approximately mid-way through each half for ALL divisions, and in the event of an injury in accordance with AYSO Rules and Regulations for all tournament games. Substitutes many not enter the field until given permission to do so by the referee.

B. All substitutions must be approved and recognized by the referee. Substitutions may be made for injured players; however, they may not return until the beginning of the next quarter and will be considered as having played the current quarter (exception: an injured player not replaced may return to play at any time with the referee’s permission).

A. Standings for pool play games will be determined on the “ten-point system” as follows:


= 1 POINT per goal up to a maximum of 3 per game

= 10 points (scored as a 3-0 win)

C. Standings will be updated after each game.

A. Medals will be presented to coaches and players of 1st through 4th place teams.. The medals will be distributed at the tournament desk following verification and will be given to the head coach to distribute to his/her team.

B. A tournament pin will be presented to each player and coach.

A. Coaches will be expected to set a positive example for the team, and will be held responsible for the actions of their team including spectators. All spectators must remain behind the control line and between the penalty areas. Two coaches maximum per team, and they must remain in the marked coaching area (within ten yards either way from halfway line).

B. At the conclusion of each match, the referees will indicate on the reverse of the game card any misconduct. Referees will be required to complete a game misconduct report for all misconducts during the game, as well as any incidents of interference by spectators.

C. Any coach or spectator ejected must immediately leave the vicinity of the playing field (out of sight and sound) and will be prohibited from attending the next scheduled game. Any player sent off (red carded) must immediately leave the vicinity of the game (under supervision of his/her parent or Safe Haven-certified adult), and may not return to the field of play during the current game, including for the post-game handshake, and may not be substituted for, and is suspended from participation in the next game. There will be penalty point deductions for all send-offs (see Standings rules). If no Safe haven certified adult is present and available, the player may remain on the touchline under the supervision of the coach. There will be penalty point deductions for all send-offs (see Standings rules).

D. Any violent conduct red card or ejection will result in that player/coach/spectator being barred from the remainder of the tournament.

E. If it is determined that an ineligible player has participated in a game, the team will forfeit all games in which that player participated illegally. Furthermore, if it is determined that the coach knowingly played a player illegally, that coach will be barred from further participation in the tournament.

F. It is mandatory to play a scheduled game. If it is determined that a coach willfully fails to have his team participate in a scheduled game, the coach will be dismissed from the tournament and the incident will be reported to the respective Regional Commissioner. No refunds will be given.

G. All conduct problems will be reported to the respective Regional Commissioner.

H. All Serious Incidents will be reported to the respective Regional Commissioner as well as Area, Section and AYSO National Office.

A. There will be a First Aid station at the tournament desk where participants may receive ice, etc. for minor injuries.

B. There will be a field marshal (orange vest) at each field who can call via radio to the tournament desk for first aid. Field Marshals will communicate via radio to call the first aid staffer to the field where first aid is requested.

C. If an injury is serious, the first aid staff or Safety Director will call 911 for emergency response.

D. Directions to the nearest hospital/urgent care center will be available at the First Aid station.

A. All players must wear the approved AYSO uniform only according to the Rules & Regulations, and all players on the same team must wear matching uniforms (goalkeeper excepted – may have a different jersey, AYSO logo is recommended but not required.)

B. Each player’s uniform must be marked with a permanently-affixed unique number that matches the uniform number on the Game Card, and may not exchange numbered jerseys with any other player during the game including the goalkeeper.

C. Garments may be worn under the uniform (i.e. long sleeves, etc.) during inclement weather, however the match referee will be the judge of what should be allowed or not.

D. Not allowed:  jewelry, hard metal or plastic clips on clothing or hair.  No player will be allowed to participate with any type of cast or splint.  Removal of any type of cast or splint at the field or surrounding area in order to participate shall disqualify that team member from participation.

E. AYSO will not prohibit the use of knee braces by players in AYSO events and programs; provided that the brace is adequately covered and padded in the judgment of the referee, so as to eliminate the possibility of its causing injury to the other players on the field.

A. Protests will be considered only for the following reasons:

  • An ineligible player has played.
  • One or more registered player(s), present and in uniform, has not played the required one half of the game (except for illness or injury as recorded by the game referee).

B. Referee judgment calls are FINAL and are not grounds for nor subject to protest or dispute!

The Tournament Director retains the right to interpret and apply the tournament rules to the optimum benefit of all tournament participants.
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