Referee Plan

Commitment Requirements And Refunds

A. All teams are required to provide a three-person team of AYSO certified referees to officiate a minimum of three tournament games at the age level of the team they represent, but if the Referee Information Form is not received by December 20, 2017 the team will forfeit its referee deposit. The referee deposit is $275 which is included in the entry along with the team fee.

B. Referees must be able to officiate at the age level of the team they represent.

C. Referees and assistant referees will self- assign pool games.

D. Each team is responsible for making sure that their team of referees meets its scheduled referee assignments in order to receive their referee deposit refund, with each team required to check with the Referee Administrator to ensure they’ve received credit for their games.

E. For teams that are eligible, referee deposit refunds will be mailed no later than 14 days after the end of the tournament to the region treasurer. Referee deposit refunds will be awarded to teams who complete their assigned matches. No prorated fees. All refunds will be mailed to the prospective Region Treasurer.

F. Each team shall play all scheduled games-failure to do so forfeits any refund-referee and/or team entry fee.

G. All referees must be in full uniform as defined by AYSO and USSF, including the Referee Badge. Referees not in uniform will not be permitted to referee games, and their team’s referee deposit will be subject to forfeiture.

H. If all assignments are successfully completed, the Referee Deposit will be refunded. No referee deposit will be refunded if a team does not participate in all matches.

Qualification Requirements

A. Each referee must be an AYSO trained (i.e. Regional, Intermediate, Advance, or National) referee, a current registered AYSO volunteer and Safe Haven certified

B. Each referee must be versed in the Laws of the Game, including current law changes and capable of applying the laws according to the spirit of the game.

C. Each referee may only represent one team in the tournament.

D. Players in the tournament will not be allowed to officiate.

E. Care must be taken when considering whether to allow a youth referee to officiate in the heated environment of a competitive tournament. These referees must have their Youth Volunteer Application form with them at all times and present it to any Tournament Official upon request.

Uniform Requirement

A. Referees must be dressed in appropriate referee apparel, and they shall at all times impose the Rules and Regulations of competition as defined by the HI-5 Tournament, AYSO, FIFA, and Laws of the Game.

B. The Gold uniform will be considered the primary color of referee uniform for this tournament. The referee crew will be expected to change to an alternate color in case of conflict with either of the teams’ uniforms.

C. Referees not in uniform will not be permitted to referee games, and their team’s referee deposit will be deducted.

D. Referee team provides their own equipment (watch, flags, whistle, etc).

Competency Requirements

A. All referees will be of the highest caliber possible, with every effort made to ensure the appropriate ability of the referees assigned to each game

Tournament Rules

A. All games will be officiated using the diagonal system of 1 referee and 2 assistant referees.

B. See Section 8 of the HI-5 Tournament Rules for reporting requirements for all yellow card or cautioned offence as well as all red card or send-off offences.

C. Referees must file a formal written report for any red card or send-off of coaches, players, or spectators, and of any behavior that interfered with the conduct of the game.

D. Properly completed and verified HI-5 Tournament game cards will be given to the Field Marshal by the Referee at the completion of each game.

E. Every effort will be made to schedule referees and assistant referees from regions not involved in the game being played, but in some cases this may not be possible.

Referee Schedules

A. Referee schedules will be made available on the tournament website by December 23, 2017. It is self-assign. The Each team will be expected to ensure that the referee schedule and check-in instructions have been provided to their referee crew.

Use of Local Referees

A. Additional referees will be provided by the host region, including from the surrounding regions and Areas to ensure all games are covered by qualified referees. These referees will be provided assignments on a stand-by or fill-in basis. Priority will be given to referee crews representing participating teams in the tournament to ensure them an opportunity to earn their deposit refund.

Referee Check In

A. All referees will be expected to check in at the tournament desk upon their arrival at the tournament to check the game schedule.

B. Referees are expected to check in at the Referee Station at least 30 minutes prior to their first assigned game on each day in full uniform. Failure to appear on time and in uniform may result in a replacement referee crew being assigned to the field. Once a replacement crew has been assigned, they will have priority and the original crew must report to the Referee station for alternative assignment.

Referee Mementos

A. Chilled water will also be available at the Referee Station.

B. Participating referees will receive a tournament coin and other mementos to thank them for their contribution.

Address: Referee information is to be filed electronically HERE


Contact Information:

Questions regarding referee requirements should be directed to:
Russell Poucher


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